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The privacy policy of Willow Loans is applicable to all technological devices now in use and soon to be generated. The privacy policy of Willow Loans applies only to this specific website and not to any third party sites or associated sites with the company. If seeking more information on third party policies, please see the section that pertains to them.

By accessing and using this website, users are confirming that are:

At least 18 years of age and have a legal right to enter into a contract as an American citizen

A full reading of the privacy policy has occurred and the individual agrees to be bound by it. If this is not the case, the user should vacate the site and refrain from using its services immediately

Every time that an individual uses the website they will be under the obligations of the most updated version of privacy policy. This policy is periodically updated, so it is suggested to make review of said policy when entering the site each time.

Applicable US Laws

The website is designed and made for US audiences, as such the laws of the country will be applied and used in the development and maintenance thereof. This site is in no way made or generated to be applied to or applicable to any other nation.

If this site is being used by an individual who is from the European Union or anywhere else outside of the US, they are then using the site at their own risk. This also means that they individual must learn and be knowledgeable of the applicable laws governing the site. This includes the means by which information is dispersed and used, which in many instances greatly differs from that of other nations. In using the site and entering personal information into the applicable fields one is waiving their right to any redress as found in their nations’ laws and agree to be fully bound by the laws of the US.

Policies Concerning Children

Willow Loans does not knowingly solicit or allow information about persons under the age of 13 to be collected by their company. In such circumstance that this information may be attained, the company immediately deletes said information from their database. For this reason, there is no specific policy concerning persons under the age of 13 and therefore there is no dispersing of information to third parties from individuals of this age bracket.

Practices for Collecting Information

a. Traffic Data: The company automatically gathers information on users to their site this is readily available from any individual using the world wide web. This information includes

  • IP addresses
  • domain servers
  • devices accessing the site
  • specific browsers accessing the site
  • URL data

All of said information is anonymous and there is no way that a specific individual can be identified though the collection of said information.

b. Cookies, or the information that is on a computer by a website that is then used every time that the individual accesses the website, are collected by the company in order to personalize each visit that the specific user makes with the website. At the close of every session with the site these cookies are deleted. The use of persistent cookies does exist when repeatedly visiting the company site. All terms of the use of this type of cookie is disclosed in a later section of this policy.

If the individual does not wish to have cookies collaborated on them, or their device, then they are advised to disable said functions on their device. If the user chooses to do this, they take full liability for certain functions not performing at the ideal levels.

Web Beacons. These are smaller graphics that function much in the same way as a cookie does. These track the online activity of users and obtain cookie information from the devices used for access to the site. These devices are typically used to communicate with cookies and are invisibly engrained in websites and sometimes emails.

Ad serving is another way in which the company can communicate with devices in order to garner information and offers that the users may have an interest in. These ad servers are maintained by third parties and their policies will apply to the use and access of offers.

Personal Information. For the purposes of Willow Loans determining application eligibility. This personal information will include such data as demographic, identity and contact data. This information will not be required multiple times, although the company will use outside sources in order to verify data offered by clients.

How Information Is Used and Disclosed

Web beacon and cookie information is closely scrutinized in order for the company to determine who is using their website. This practice allows the company to generate more interesting content and applications that their users will appreciate and use. Willow Loans never uses any of the information gathered to pinpoint specific users or identify their personal data. Rather, this information is typically used to generate reports on the effectiveness of their site and services.

All personal information that is provided to the company is for the sole purpose of determining the best products and services that the company can offer the individual user. There are a few circumstances where this information may be shared with a third party company. These instances include:

  • to the parent company
  • to lenders
  • marketing solicitors
  • legal entities

Many times the parent company will request an assessment of services and products. When this occurs, your personal information will be shared to ensure that the services offered are the best possible products and services that would apply to the clients’ specific needs.

Individual lenders that the client is referred to through the company (Willow Loans) will need specific information on the client to assure that they qualify for the products they are applying for. Personal information will be needed in order to substantiate their acceptance.

Periodically, the company will refer out personal information to third parties in order to accumulate offers that the client may be interested in. These third parties will contact the individual with the offers and solicitations. If the client does not wish to continue receiving said offers, they will need to opt out of them with the specific companies making contact with them.

Legal entities may also request personal information from Willow Loans through the use of a subpoena. If said subpoena is issued to the company, under the laws of the US the company must comply and released requested information to the legal entity requesting it.

One final circumstance in which the company will release personal information of its clients to another party is in the case of merge, acquisition or bankruptcy. These circumstances would entail that another company would be operating in place of the company and they would need such information to ensure that there are no interruptions of services to the clients and all client files are sufficiently safeguarded.

California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code subsection 1798.83, or the Shine the Light Code, mandates that any California resident that provides information to a company in order to attain any product or service that will be used for personal, family or household use must be furnished with one of two things; the ability to opt out of having any of their information provided to a third party, or be provided with the steps and details of how the information will be dispersed, and details of what information is shared, and with whom it is shared.

Willow Loans has taken the initiative to operate under the provision of allowing the residents of California to opt out of having any of their information shared with third party companies. When filling out an application for services, these residents will be given a venue on the application where they may click to opt out of information sharing.

Information Security

Willow Loans has taken all necessary precautions to ensure that no third party or outside user of the site can attain any personal information without clearance from the company. This means that any personal information that is entered during an application or inquiry process will be safeguarded against any use, changes, disclosures or access of information that is not officially sanctioned by the company.

Email and Marketing Uses

When the user makes an application with Willow Loans, they are giving their consent to be contacted through email or online and offline communications by the company and its affiliates. If the individual does not wish to receive marketing offers and products, they will have the option to opt out of said communications. If this is the will of the client, they must go into the site and officially opt out of said communications.

User Access to Information

The individual will not be able to alter or change any information that is provided on an application to the company. If the user has a change in their information after an application has been submitted, they will need to go through the application process again in order to make changes.

It is understood by all parties involved in the application process that all information is complete and true at the time the application is made. The company understands that changes happen in life, and are willing to offer services with a new application reflecting changes or alterations to the original information.

Third Parties

Willow Loans makes every attempt to bring their clients up to date on all third parties. Clients do need to understand that the company has no control over the business practices or policies of a third party company. These third party companies are not obliged to participate in the official privacy policy of Willow Loans, and are only constrained by this policy concerning personal information of their clients.

If the client chooses to do business with, or browse the site of a third party company, they need to take the appropriate steps in order to protect their personal information. Be sure to read and understand all policies the new site mandates, if any.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Most of the time any changes that will be made to this policy will be minor. Willow Loans does, in the course of performing business transactions and any new laws that be enacted, reserve the right to change this policy at any time. No due notice will be required by the company to notify its clients of these changes, although the company will take every deliberative effort to do so.

When changes are made to this policy, the company will post them on this specific page. It will then be the sole responsibility of the clients to make sure that they are aware of and agree to these policies of their own accord. When such alterations or modifications are made to the privacy policy, they will be immediately in effect as soon as they are posted to this page.

Every time the client enters the website in order to use it, whatever policy is posted at that time will directly apply to the transactions made when the client visits. It is for this reason that clients are prompted to update their knowledge of the policy each time they enter the page. This will ensure that they are aware of what mandates and rules their interactions will be governed by.

Willow Loans will only apply the privacy policy in effect at the time information is entered to their site. Whatever rendition of the privacy policy is in effect at the time the client visits the site, will be the policy that will be the governing law over personal information, applications, and access to services and products. All earlier policies will have no governing force over newer policies or information. In the same concern, no new policies will have a retroactive enforcement either.